Friday, 20 May 2016

Vocabulary unit 9

Writing: It appeared in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago.

River civilizations: It is the civilization developed along large rivers surrounded by fertile land. The main rivers are the Tigris , Euphrates, Nile ...

Civil servant: People who work as scribes, could read write and count . They write the laws and the commercial transactions.

Hierarchical society: It was when the society was divided into clearly differentiated groups.

Cuneiform writing: It is a type of writing, consisted of signs drawn on clay tablets with a reed.

Hammurabi: It was the person who wrote the earliest law code.

Sumerian period: It was a country that were dominant in the third millenium BC. Independent cities were ruled by high priests in this period. It was the first mesopotamia civilizations.

Slaves: it is the part of the population they had no rights. Usually are prisoner of the war.

Ziggurats: They were the temples in the Mesopotamian region. They were built as stepped pyramids. They were built with mud.

Floods and dams: It is necessary when the water grow up.The wall to border the river and to control the water is a dam.

Mummy: It's a dead body. They were preserved in Egypt

Hieroglyphics: It is a type of writing, consisted of signs engraved on Egypt. They were created around 5,000 years ago. Some hieroglyphics signs represent an idea while others represents a sound.

Pharaohs: They were the egyptian Kings

Papyrus: It is a kind of paper used by the egyptians to write.

Old kingdom: It was a period in the Egypt History,

Middle kingdom: It was a period in the Egypt History,

New kingdom: It was a period in the Egypt History, started around 1600 BC.

Thebes: It was the capital in the Middle and New Kingdoms.

Memphis: It was the capital in the Old Kingdom, with pyramids

Polytheistic: It is when in a religion, the people believe  a lots of gods

Afterlife: It is when in a religion, the people believe in a life after dead

Pyramid: It's a tomb, the place where the pharaoh was buried.

Hypogeum: It is a type of egyptian tomb, built in the rock

Mastaba:  It is a type of egiptian tomb

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mesopotamian activities

 Mesopotamia is one of the world’s earliest
civilizations. Please use the Mesopotamia unit in your book to answer the following questions o use this link.
1. It is located between two rivers, the _________________________
and the ______________________________________.
2. The area that became Mesopotamia was known as the
3. How did the residents control flooding?
4. What was the name of the first region to develop in Mesopotamia?
5. Name two things the Sumerians invented:
(1) ____________________________ (2) ______________________
6. What was their system of writing called?
7. What materials were used to write?
8. What is the name of the earliest story ever written?
9. How many cuneiform tablets were used to tell his story?

10. What groups of people made up this city’s social classes:
a) __________________, b) ___________________, c) ___________________, d) __________________, and e) _______________________.
11. Trading goods and services without money is called: _______________________.
12. The most important building in Sumer was its temple called a: __________________, where priests led religious life